Looking Ahead in Wayne

March 20, 2019

City Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in city hall at 306 Pearl Streets. It is always a good time of which most citizens miss out!

Flood Damage

With the recent flooding in rural Nebraska and many communities, the City of Wayne in comparison was very fortunate to avoid incredible damage. We had no loss of life and no massive loss of property (that we know of). But with that being said, the City did have significant damage to the airport and trail. The City declared a state of emergency with the State of Nebraska on March 14 due to existing and anticipated damage. This was to make the City eligible for emergency funding should it become available. The City filed with the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) a preliminary damage assessment for public property at over $1 million. This includes significant damage to a segment of the trail under the Highway 15 bridge and the municipal airport, including field lights, lift station pumps, etc. With all the other needs around the state for funding requests, it will be interesting to see if the City of Wayne will ever be eligible for our losses. Stay tuned.

Facilities Workgroup - Survey

A nine member (three from the City) workgroup is assessing the needs of additional facilities in the community: indoor swimming pool, additional gym space, and a performing arts venue. Please take time to take the survey from the group that was included in your March utility bills or find the survey online at www.cityofwayne.org and click on the "Quick Links" tab. This survey closes on April 1. If you have questions about this, don't hesitate to contact the City.

City Budget Fact

Where does the City get its money to operate its General Fund? Most people would say property taxes, and they would be correct that the City uses property taxes to operate. But did you know that under 18% of the City of Wayne's general fund revenues comes from property taxes! Property taxes is just the third largest contributor to the City general fund revenue. For Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) the City's largest general fund revenue stream (28%) was from franchise fees. Those revenues include fees imposed by the City from the Electric Fund, Water Fund, Wastewater Fund, and others, including natural gas, cable television and telephone. Sales tax currently contributes the 2nd highest amount to the general fund at about 24% of revenue. The remaining 30% comes from a variety of sources including the State of Nebraska (roads funding, Handi-Van reimbursements, etc.) activity center/pool memberships, occupation motel/hotel taxes, police dispatch, Senior Center meals, and many other smaller sources.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Wes Blecke, City Administrator at 375-1733 or by email.