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Wastewater Facilities
Wastewater Treatment Facility
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wayne's wastewater treatment facilities were placed into operation in March of 1985.  The initial stages of the project date back to 1976 when the City received a grant to prepare a Facility Plan.  This report evaluated various types of treatment methods that could satisfy the city's needs for expanded capacity and provide the degree of treatment required to meet federally-mandated discharge quality standards.  The selected, most cost-effective system involved the use of a mechanical Rotating Biological Contactor plant to replace the former lagoon system.

The plant treats an average of 600,000 gallons per day with a peak capacity of 850,000 gallons per day.  The plant is designed to serve a maximum population of 8,500 people.

Construction began in August 2010 on a new wastewater treatment plant, utilizing a system developed by Aquarius Technologies.  The new treatment plant will go online in summer or fall of 2011. 

There are seven main parts to Wayne's wastewater treatment process.  Wastewater flows through the following components in this order:

In 2009, an ultra-violet treatment system was added at the wastewater treatment plant to come into compliance with federal and state government mandates to provide an additional treatment process of waste water before it is ultimately discharged into Logan Creek.

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