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Guide for Parents: Facts about Methamphetamine
Facts for Parents

Methamphetamine is not the biker drug it was in the 1960s.  Today's meth is much stronger and contains more harsh chemicals.  The number of high school students using methamphetamine continues to rise. Some facts:

  • Young girls are drawn to meth for the ability to lose weight fast.  Meth literally eats away at body muscle and muscle fat
  • 40% of meth users are female
  • Methamphetamine can severely alter the way the brain functions. It decreases dopamine (the feel good chemical in the brain)
  • Short-term effects include paranoia, loss of appetite, severe weight loss, aggressive behavior, acne, body sores, hallucinations, and convulsions
  • Long-term effects include depression, lung and kidney damage, tooth decay, putrid decay, putrid body odor, paranoid-schizophrenia, brain damage and death
  • Meth can be smoked, injected, snorted, or taken orally
  • Meth comes from two main sources
  1. importation from Mexico and the Southwest border states
  2. local labs producing "homegrown" meth
  • Many of the ingredients in meth are poisonous -- gasoline, ether, lye, rat killer, red phosphorous, and iodine
  • The initial "high" from meth will last 8 to 24 hours.  The "crash" will last up to three days
  • Withdrawal symptoms can last 30 to 90 days
  • A "recipe" for meth is available on the Internet.  It sounds simple, however, the chemicals are volatile and explosive.  People have generated explosions and have died while attempting to make meth
  • Meth labs can be found in homes, motel rooms and even in the trunks of cars

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