The City of Wayne is divided into four wards. Each ward is represented by two city council members, with the terms of each council member staggered so each ward has a council member up for election every two years. Council members serve four-year terms with no limit on the number of terms they may serve.

Council members are elected by the residents of the ward in which they represent. The mayor is elected by all citizens in the city and also serves a four-year term.


Cale Giese

Ward 1 (Yellow)

Clayton Bratcher
Terri Buck

Ward 2 (Green)

Matt Eischeid
Austyn Houser

Ward 3 (Blue)

Jason Karsky
Brittany Webber

Ward 4 (Red)

Jill Brodersen
Nick Muir

Polling Places

For the 2020 Primary Election, there will be just one polling place in the City of Wayne, the Wayne County District 1 Roads Shop located at 515 Thorman Street. 

All Wayne County residents outside of Wayne city limits will vote in 2020 by mail. Details on that are available at the website of the Wayne County Election Commissioner.