Customer Service Policy

Ownership of Utility

As a customer of the City of Wayne Municipal Utilities, you are being served by a utility, which is wholly owned by the people it serves. It is governed by the elected City Council and managed by the City Administrator. The City Council is responsible for reviewing operating procedures, setting rates, and future planning for the Utility. The City Council meets regularly twice each month to conduct the regular business items and also meets for special purposes as necessary between regular meetings.

Application for Service

To apply for utility services, each customer (or his/her agent) must sign the "Application for Utility Service" and pay the required deposit for each service needed. A copy of the application acknowledging receipt of service deposits is provided to the customer, along with a listing of utility rates and customer service policy. If a customer moves to a new location and desires utility services at the new location, notification of the new location will be sufficient for services already being provided. If the customer adds new services, he/she must sign another application and pay the required deposit for the new service.

Disconnection & Reconnection of Service

The Utility has the right to discontinue services and remove its properties if the charges for such services are not paid within thirteen (13) days after the date a bill becomes delinquent. Before any termination, the Utility office must first give notice by first class mail or in person to any domestic subscriber (residential customer) whose service is proposed to be terminated. Service is not discontinued for at least seven days after the notice is mailed. Any residential customer who has previously been identified, as a welfare recipient to the Utility by the Department of Social Services will receive this notice by certified mail, and notice of the proposed termination will also be given to the Department of Social Services. A residential customer may dispute the proposed discontinuance of service by notifying the Utility with a written statement that sets forth the reasons for the dispute and the relief requested. A conference is then held before the Utility may discontinue services. Any residential customer may appeal an adverse decision to the City Council who must then conduct a hearing procedure to resolve the problem.

If a customer whose service has been discontinued, either by his order or by reason of delinquency, requests a reconnection of such service within twelve months of the time of disconnection, a reconnection charge equal to the sum of the monthly minimum charges for the period of disconnection will be collected. The minimum reconnection charge is equal to the sum of three months minimum charges. Overtime costs will be added for any reconnections/disconnections requested to be done after normal working hours (7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

Complaint Procedure

It is understood that there are times when a customer of the Utility has a complaint about the quality of service or with a particular billing, which seems inaccurate or unjust. Complaints may be made in person at the Utility office or by letter or telephone. A Utility employee may be able to resolve the customer's problem immediately. If not, the complaint will be channeled to the person who can take the necessary action.

Right of Access

The customer must, without expense to the Utility, permit access to all equipment and facilities owned by the Utility and located on the customer's premises at all reasonable hours. The customer must permit the Utility to trim or cause to be trimmed the limbs and tops of trees to the extent that such trimming is necessary to avoid interference.

Continuity of Service

The Utility will endeavor to supply, but does not guarantee, continuity of service of a generally accepted standard. Interruption of service for repairs, alterations, want of supply, conditions on a customer's premises dangerous to persons, property or service of the customer, or others, non-payment by the customer, failure by the customer to provide means of access for obtaining regularly scheduled readings of the meter, or for testing the Utility's metering equipment, or prevention of fraud or abuse, is not a breach by the Utility of its responsibility. The customer waives claim for, and by accepting service, releases and discharges the Utility for claims for, and shall indemnify and save harmless the Utility from any and all loss and damage arising from interruption of service, or on account of injury to persons (including death), or damage to property on the premises of a customer, or under a customer's control, unless such loss, damage or injury is the natural, probable, and reasonably foreseeable consequence of the Utility's negligence, and such negligence is the sole and proximate cause therefore.