Mayor's Update

Here are some figures that might be of interest to you as a property owner. As we start to prepare the 2010-2011 budget that goes into effect on October 1st, administrative staff prepared some examples of where the property tax dollars that we all pay are distributed and how the portion that the city receives is spent. For an easy example, a $100,000 house will be used.

 Total Property Tax Levy = 2.12645
Taxes = $2,126.45
School Levy = 1.186237
City Levy = 0.454551
County Levy = 0.338236
Other Miscellaneous Tax Levies = 0.147426

The property tax that the city receives is used for the following:

Administrative staff
Police protection
Other personnel (Parks, CAC, Swimming Pool, Fire, Recreation, Library, Sr. Center)$100.34
Debt Service
Airport operations
Other expenses (i.e. facilities, parks, vehicles, equipment)$58.60

As you can see, your tax dollars provide you with many services at a fairly low cost. We live in a clean, safe community with a variety of things to do. When you consider that just cleaning up the first snow storm at Christmas time cost about $120,000, your investment in Wayne may seem more reasonable.