Looking Ahead in Wayne

November 18, 2020

City Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in City Hall at 3rd and Pearl Streets, or at an alternative site during the pandemic! Do you have anything better to do on a Tuesday night?

Phase II Trail Ribbon Cutting Postponed

The City has postponed the Phase II Trail ribbon cutting until next spring. The City is waiting for the project to be complete or a partial turn-over of the project to the City before we can officially open any part. At that time we will begin to maintain the new trail including limited snow removal.

Community Activity Center - "Closed to Thru Traffic"

The CAC is operating under limited hours and contact. The 24-hour access to the weight room and cardio equipment is still available. If you want to schedule a time with your family to shoot baskets, or if you want to walk the track, call the CAC and set up a time. Masks are required to enter and exit the CAC as well as whenever you cannot maintain 6 feet of distance from the next person. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. 

Allo Communications coming to Wayne

The City Council cleared the way for Allo Communications to come to Wayne by approving a franchise agreement as well as a pole attachment agreement at its last meeting. Representatives from Allo said they hope to begin construction as soon as this fall/winter and hope to have the system completely built out by next year this time.

COVID-19 - Avoid the "Three Cs"

With the major uptick in COVID-19 positive cases occurring in the community, please take care of yourselves, your families and your neighbors. Recently, the State of Nebraska began the "Avoid the Three C's" campaign. The basis of this campaign is to: 1) Avoid Crowded Places; 2) Avoid Close Contact; and 3) Avoid Confined Spaces. If you cannot avoid these places, wear a mask and protect our community. 

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact Wes Blecke, City Administrator at 375-1733 or by email.