Do I need a permit if I wish to raze an existing structure?
Yes. According to Section 18-2 of the City of Wayne Municipal Code, it is unlawful for any person to demolish or raze any building or part of a building in the City of Wayne, Nebraska, without first obtaining a permit from the building inspector.

An application may be obtained from the Building Official. In addition to the application, a non-refundable permit fee of $60 for residential and commercial structures and $20 for accessory structures is required. The applicant is also required to post a bond in the amount of $1 per total floor space of the existing structure (excluding the basement) to be demolished or razed. The bond is refundable, conditioned upon all City utilities being properly disconnected and that all demolished or razed material be properly removed and disposed of. Please contact the Building Official at (402) 375-1733 for more information.

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