December 24, 2020 - Updated Directed Health Measures

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced the State of Nebraska is moving from the "yellow" to "blue" phase of its coronavirus pandemic response plan. As a result, the State of Nebraska is issuing new Directed Health Measures that go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, December 24, 2020. Moving from "yellow" to "blue" involves the following DHM changes:

  • Seating persons in groups of 8 or less returns guidance for restaurants, bars, wedding/funeral receptions, and other venues
  • The requirement for individuals at bars and restaurants to be seated unless ordering food, using the restroom, or playing games returns to guidance
  • The maximum capacity for indoor gatherings goes from 50% to 75%. (Only certain venues where people convene are considered "gatherings" under the State's DHMs. Go to and click on "Directed Health Measures" for details).
  • Elective surgeries can resume without restriction

New DHMs will be posted on the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services website (DHHS) in the coming days. To view them, go to and click on the link for "Directed Health Measures". 

Executive Order 20-36 remains in force. It gives public bodies the option to meet virtually by videoconference or teleconference through January 31, 2021. Full text of the executive order is available by clicking here

A chart comparing the color-coded phases of the State's pandemic response plan is available by clicking here.

December 2, 2020 - Mask Mandate Approved

The Wayne City Council, at its December 1, 2020 meeting, approved a mask mandate (Ordinance 2020-22) which goes into effect on Friday, December 4, 2020.  The ordinance requires individuals age 5 or older to wear a face covering at any indoor premises open to the public. The ordinance will sunset at 11:59 p.m. on February 2, 2021, unless changed by council. 

Premises that are open to the general public are broadly defined to include entities that employ or engage workers, including private-sector entities, public-sector entities, nonprofit entities, regular commercial or business establishments, private clubs, religious centers or buildings, public transportation (including buses, taxis, ride-sharing vehicles, or vehicles used for business purposes), and any place which is generally open to the public, including educational institutions. There are a number of exceptions to the ordinance. These include individuals: 

  • seeking federal, state, or county services
  • seated at a bar, restaurant, or their seat at an arena to eat or drink, or while consuming food or beverages
  • engaged in an occupation preventing the wearing of a face covering
  • obtaining a service or purchasing goods or services that requires the temporary removal of the face covering
  • asked to remove a face covering to verify an identity for lawful purposes
  • providing a speech, lecture or broadcast to an audience so long as six feet of distancing from other individuals is maintained
  • that cannot otherwise wear a face covering because of a medical condition, a mental health condition, or a disability that makes it unreasonable for the individual to wear a face covering

Any individual or entity which maintains premises that are open to the general public, including but not limited to educational institutions, must post one or more signs that are visible to all persons — including workers, customers, and visitors instructing them to wear face coverings. Any individual or person who is found to have violated any of the provisions of this Article shall be guilty of an infraction for each offense and shall be subjected to a fine of $25 for the initial offense.  Each instance of violation may be considered to be a separate offense. 

Please read Ordinance 2020-22 for a full list of requirements and exceptions.

Businesses and establishments may print and post the below signage:

November 9, 2020

The following changes to Directed Health Measures will take effect at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, November 11

Six (6) Feet Separation Rule and Masking

  • Six (6) feet of separation between parties is required in all instances; includes gyms/fitness centers, health spas, restaurants, bars, gentlemen and bottle clubs, weddings, funerals, indoor gatherings and churches
    • For churches, weddings and funerals, parties are considered household members only.
  • Masks are required for staff and patrons at salons, barbershops, massage therapy, bowling alleys, pool halls, body art establishments, and any other indoor businesses where staff and patrons are within six (6) feet of each other for 15 minutes or more.
  • Bar patrons who are participating in games such as pool, darts, shuffleboard, etc. are required to wear a mask when not drinking or eating

Extracurricular Activities

  • Fan attendance for all indoor youth extracurricular activities is limited to household members of participants only.
    • Extracurricular activities include both school and club sponsored events
  • Six (6) feet of separation is required between household units

Bars & Restaurants

  • Restaurants, Bars, Bottle Clubs and Gentlemen's Clubs remain open for dine-in.
  • Patrons will be required to be seated while on premise unless they are placing an order, using the restroom or playing games.
  • 100% of rated occupancy, but six (6) feet of separation required between tables.
    • Bar seating is permitted but six (6) feet of separation must be maintained between parties
  • Maximum of eight (8) individuals in a party (groups larger than eight (8) will need to split into multiple tables).
  • Self-serve buffets and salad bars are permitted

Churches & Places of Worship

  • No limit on occupancy but must maintain six (6) feet of separation between household units


  • INDOOR Gatherings will be limited to 25% of rated occupancy (not to exceed 10,000)
  • OUTDOOR Gatherings remains at 100% of rated occupancy
  • Gatherings include but are not limited to Indoor or Outdoor Arenas, Indoor or Outdoor Auctions, Stadiums, Tracks, Fairgrounds, Festivals, Zoos, Auditoriums, Large Event Conference Rooms, Meeting Halls, Indoor Theaters, Libraries, Swimming Pools, or any other confined indoor or outdoor space.
  • Groups shall be no larger than eight (8) individuals
  • Six (6) feet separation between groups required.
  • Carnivals and dances held indoors are prohibited
    • Dancing at wedding receptions is permissible if individuals remain at their tables/seats and keep social distancing between groups
    • Dance recitals are permitted but must follow the Gathering requirements
  • Plans for reopening or expanding to new capacity limits must be submitted to the local health departments and approved for all indoor and outdoor locations/venues that hold 500 or more individuals (1,000 or more in counties over 500,000 population) before reopening is permitted. The reopening plan must contain the planned number of guests, how the location will meet social distancing guidelines, and sanitation guidelines.

Gyms, Fitness Centers/Clubs, Health Clubs & Health Spas

  • Six (6) feet of separation between customers is required.

Salons, Barber Shops, Massage Therapy Services, & Tattoo Parlors/Body Art Facilities

  • Six (6) feet of separation between customers is required
  • Both workers and patrons are required to wear masks at all times
    • An exception will be made for all services performed on faces. Patrons will be permitted to remove their masks while receiving services directly. The mask must be worn by the patron at all other times while on the premise

Wedding & Funeral Reception Venues

  • Maximum of eight (8) individuals in a party (groups larger than eight (8) will need to split into multiple tables).
  • Dancing at events is permissible if individuals remain at their tables/seats and keep social distancing between groups.


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