Tree Removal


City ordinance declares a nuisance when any person responsible for maintaining trees on any property does not remove any dead tree, any dead part of a tree, any stump, or any diseased or damaged part of a tree. Branches hanging below 12 feet above the surface of the street or below seven feet above the sidewalk can be considered a nuisance when they constitute a hazard to life or property.

Any tree on public property that has been topped will be considered a nuisance and needs to be removed. Topping is defined as the severe cutting back of limbs to stubs larger than three inches (3") in diameter within the tree's crown to such a degree as to remove the normal canopy and disfigure the tree.

The Public Works Department surveys the town periodically for nuisances as well as responding to complaints. A notice is then given to the appropriate person to comply within 30 days else the City will cause the tree or branches to be removed at the person's expense.

Unpaid expenses will be levied against the property as a lien.