Odor Control Program


Odor control is always going to be a heated subject with any wastewater treatment plant. There are many factors that contribute to the odor of the plant. The biggest is Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide gives off a foul smell similar to a rotten egg. Hydrogen Sulfide gas is released whenever the wastewater sits in the same place for a long time. This takes place in Wayne wherever there are flat lines or low flow lines. Hydrogen Sulfide is a very dangerous gas and is the cause of many deaths in the Water and Wastewater industry when it is present at high doses. Wayne is very fortunate not to have that high of doses.


One way to reduce the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide is to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water. Currently we are releasing Potassium Chromanganate (Cairox) into three of our lift stations to help oxidize the wastewater to decrease the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide. Odor problems have drastically decreased since we started adding Cairox.

Weather is another factor that contributes to the odor problems, a factor that we have no control over. The unexpected breakdown of equipment can also add to the smell. A breakdown hinders the biological process, which may cause odor.

Enzymes and bacteria are also added to the lift stations to cut down on grease and detergent buildup that cause foul odors.