Vehicle Security

Auto Theft Prevention

No vehicle is 100% theft-proof. But by taking precautionary measures, you can minimize your chances of becoming the victim of auto theft. Auto theft prevention starts with you! Please follow the below listed tips to reduce your chances of becoming
a victim of auto theft.

  • Never Leave Your Vehicle Keys In The Ignition Or Inside Your Vehicle.
  • Never Leave Your Car Running When Unattended...Even For A Minute! Vehicles are commonly stolen at convenience stores, gas stations, daycares, etc. Many vehicles are also stolen on cold mornings when the owner leaves the vehicle running to warm up. Leaving your key in an unattended motor vehicle is a crime in some states.
  • Always Lock Your Vehicle Doors.
  • Never Hide A Second Set Of Keys Inside Your Vehicle -- Thieves know all of the hiding places.
  • Park In Well-lit Areas.
  • When Possible, Park In Attended Lots Where There Is More Potential For Witnesses.
  • Completely Close Car Windows When Parked. Don’t make it easier for the thief.
  • Don’t Leave Valuables In Plain View. Why make your vehicle a more desirable target to thieves.
  • If You Have A Garage, Use It. If you do not have a garage, park as legally close as possible to your house (not on lawn).
  • When Parking In A Garage, Lock The Garage Door And Your Vehicle.
  • Don’t Leave The Vehicle Title Inside -- this makes it easy for the thief to resell.
  • Use Some Form of Visible Locking Device For The Steering Wheel or Audible Alarm System.
  • If Your Vehicle Will Be Unattended For A Long Period, Make It Inoperable.
  • Engrave Expensive Accessories With A Personal Identification Number Or Your Name. This makes it easier for police to identify your stolen car stereo, cellular phone, etc… and harder for thieves to dispose of them.

Theft from Motor Vehicle Prevention

Thefts from motor vehicles are reported to the police department every week and remains, year after year, one of the most frequently occurring crimes in the United States. Most are crimes of opportunity through unlocked doors and open windows.
Vehicles are easy targets and often contain property attractive to thieves.  Large parking lot locations like shopping centers, housing communities, parks, and schools are prime targets for a theft since multiple vehicles can be hit in a short time span. A theft from a vehicle may leave you with the inconvenience of re-placing property, making reports to your insurance company and the police, repairing damage to your vehicle, and the frustration of losing your valuables. Use these easy and inexpensive tips to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Parking and Securing Your Vehicle

  • Use a garage or secure location whenever possible
  • Park in well-lit areas where your car can be seen
  • Avoid isolated areas. Park near locations frequently used by pedestrians
  • If you hear something suspicious (shattering glass) or see someone looking into vehicles, call 911
  • Roll up the windows and lock all doors. Never leave your keys anywhere in or on the car.
  • Secure the trunk, hatches, bed-mounting tool boxes, and canopies
  • Activate your alarm
  • Install anti-theft devices

Remove These Items

  • Cameras
  • CD player and CD’s
  • Cell phones
  • Checkbooks
  • Clothing
  • Credit/debit, gift cards
  • Day planner
  • Electronic devices
  • Garage door opener
  • GPS unit
  • Jewelry
  • Keys
  • Laptop
  • Luggage or bags
  • Mail
  • Purses
  • Receipts/statements
  • Store bags or packages
  • Tools
  • Vehicle title
  • Wallets

Anti-Theft Devices

  • Car alarms are convenient and effective
  • Install switches to interrupt the fuel supply
  • Locking gas caps deter fuel from being siphoned