Electric Distribution


Since 1898, the City of Wayne Electrical Distribution System has served as an integral part of the Wayne community.


Our mission is to serve our customers with reliable, quality power service in a prompt, courteous manner at competitive rates, while generating sufficient income for infrastructure improvements and returns to our customers, by helping to keep the tax levy at a reasonable rate and by assisting in the funding of community projects.

Power Sources

The City of Wayne receives its wholesale power from multiple sources. Approximately 20% of Wayne's power requirements are supplied from the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) with power coming from dams along the Missouri River, 15% from a power purchase agreement with Nextera Energy, 10% from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) and the remaining power comes from Big Rivers Electric Corp. based out of Henderson, Kentucky.

100% of the RECs from the Cottonwood Wind Facility that the City of Wayne is receiving will be sold to a third party that will be making claims to the renewable attributes. The revenue from the RECs wll be used to lower energy prices for our residents. 

(A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a market-based instrument that certifies the bearer owns one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated from a renewable energy resource.)


The Electric Distribution Department consists of a five-man crew

The crew is equipped with two bucket trucks, a digger derrick, three service trucks, a trencher and a vibrating plow among other equipment that it needs to construct and maintain its 100 miles of overhead and underground power lines throughout the City.