Parking Restrictions


No Parking SignParking restrictions are usually an unpopular but very necessary part of every community's ordinance code. They allow street maintenance activities such as snowplowing and street cleaning to proceed at an efficient and effective level. The implementation of parking restrictions saves valuable tax dollars by reducing the number of trips on each street to perform maintenance work. This is indeed the case in Wayne.

No Parking Sign

Most residential streets are too narrow to allow parking on both sides of the street and still allow for safe passage of just one lane of traffic. The result of parking on both sides of the street would not only inconvenience traffic, but be dangerous as well. Therefore, parking is only allowed on one side of most residential streets with restrictions of no parking from midnight to 5:00 a.m. on the opposite side. These restrictions are clearly marked with words or symbols on white signs typically attached to green posts next to the curb.

If there are no signs on the block, then there are no restrictions. Without parking restrictions snowplows and other equipment would have to dangerously maneuver in and out of parked cars which would most likely result in more accidents as well as subsequent trips to clear the entire street after cars have been moved. Streets are designed to allow traffic to move freely. They are not designed to be parking lots. Everyone can make the streets and our community safer by obeying the parking restrictions.