Anonymous Tips

Nebraska CrimeStoppers

CrimeStoppers is a program that is used throughout the United States and other countries. It's basic purpose is to provide a network to allow crime-solving tips from the public to be forwarded to Law Enforcement authorities. This network is setup in such a way to allow the caller to remain completely anonymous, which encourages people to report illegal activity. It also allows for cash rewards to be paid to citizens who report illegal activity to the police. This also encourages people to call in tips.

Nebraska CrimeStoppers started the program in 1989. A board consisting of citizens at large, law enforcement officers, and members of the media governs it.

When someone calls the Nebraska CrimeStoppers toll free number (1-800-422-1494) they speak with a Nebraska State Patrol dispatcher. The caller is assigned a confidential identity number in order to allow them to remain completely anonymous. The Information is forwarded to the Nebraska CrimeStoppers coordinator. The information is immediately relayed to the to the Wayne Police Department if the information received pertains to a Wayne criminal investigation.

The Wayne Police Department and the Nebraska State Patrol encourage the use of this program in order to promote public safety in our community and across the state. This is a highly successful program all over the country and many crimes are solved by its use.

Remember, Call 1-800-422-1494 to report information that could lead to the solving of a crime or the whereabouts of wanted persons. Remain completely anonymous and be eligible to collect cash rewards up to $1,000.00.