Help Solve Crime

The citizens of Wayne are truly the eyes and ears of the Wayne Police Department. While police officers engage the investigation and apprehension of criminal offenders we can't do our job without the help of you, the public we serve.

If you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, please report it. You may be preventing a neighbor, or even yourself, from becoming the victim of a crime. Wayne enjoys a relatively low crime rate, as compared to the other First Class Cities in Nebraska, but we are not immune.

The best way to keep our community crime free is the active cooperation of the citizens and the police department. If you see a crime report it immediately. If you are the victim of a crime, report it. We can't keep an accurate record of our crime rate if the crimes go unreported. If you hear a rumor that you think may help solve a crime call us. It is our job to discern if the rumor is just that or if the information is relevant to an investigation.

For us to keep our crime rate low we must work as a team. We'll do our part, please do yours.

To report a crime or to give information you can call the Wayne Police Department at 375-2626 or call Nebraska CrimeStoppers at 1-800-422-1494.