Mission & Policies

Library Mission

The Wayne Public Library provides materials for area residents in a variety of formats for recreational and leisure pursuits as well as accurate and current information for daily problem solving. Access to other materials or information will be obtained through interlibrary loan or online database services. Special emphasis will be placed on materials and programs of interest and benefit to children and youth that support enrichment of reading and learning.

Primary Roles of the Wayne Public Library

The Wayne Public Library has chosen to focus on the following areas. These provide direction in purchasing materials, programming, and services offered by the library to make it a center for:

  • Basic Literacy, Formal Learning Support, and Lifelong Learning
  • General Information, Consumer Information, and Community Referral
  • Formal Learning Support
  • Commons Area and Cultural Awareness
  • Information Literacy, focusing on
    • Business and career information
    • Government information
    • Local history and genealogy
  • Current Topics and Titles
  • Access to and training in new technologies

Board Statement

The following policies were prepared by the Wayne Public Library Board to serve as a directive of the board as to the operational policy of the library. The board unanimously adopts the ALA Library Bill of Rights, the Nebraska Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement (found in the appendices). These objectives and policies will be examined as needed, or at least biannually, and may be revised at any time by action of the library board.

Link: Wayne Public Library Policies (PDF)