About Aquarius Technologies

Aquarius Technologies Inc. is a privately held company established to provide solutions for wastewater treatment in industrial and municipal applications. Today, Aquarius markets the patented no waste sludge MSABP™ and ELCAT™ toxic and non-biodegradable treatment technologies for these applications.

Additionally, Aquarius Technologies has developed coarse and fine bubble aeration technologies to be used with the MSABP as well as conventional diffused aeration applications. Significant improvements in piping components and performance of the fine bubble diffuser have set a new standard in aeration technology.

Aquarius regards investment in research and development as a key to the continued advancement of wastewater treatment technologies.

Headquartered in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Aquarius is a group of dedicated engineers, scientists and other professionals focused on providing cost-effective solutions to wastewater treatment problems. In order to serve the European and Asian markets, Aquarius Technologies, Inc. also has sales offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Madrid, Spain. When Aquarius equipment is considered for a project, these dedicated professionals begin the task of working with the project team to tailor a custom solution.