Green Team

Our Mission Statement wayne green team

The Wayne Green Team

  • Promotes awareness of the interdependence of the environment, the individual and the community, and
  • Encourages ecologically friendly use of water, energy and consumable products.

Our Motto

There is no such thing as waste, only wasted resources.

Who We Are

The Wayne Green Team is a group of volunteers focused on minimizing waste and increasing sustainable behavior throughout our community. You’ll see us at public events educating people on how and what to recycle, teaching green lessons to elementary school students, and helping college students donate their household items instead of dumping them. We also work to obtain grants to help fund projects, such as hosting e-waste collection events or buying recycling equipment.

We also partner with organizations like the Nebraska Recycling Council to bring together leaders and community members to develop strategies for reducing waste through policy, infrastructure, and education.

Anyone is welcome to join our efforts!

How We Started

In 2009, then Mayor Lois Shelton appointed 15 individuals from the community to identify ways to increase awareness of environmental issues in Wayne and to increase recycling efforts throughout the area. The Green Team set three areas of focus:

  • Reduce the waste stream & increase recycling in Wayne
  • Reduce energy use at the municipal and private levels, and
  • Decreasing water consumption while increasing retention of storm water.

Celebrating 10 Years of Service: 2009-2019

10 year Poster

Our Achievements

Contact Us

  • JOIN the Green Team by email.
  • LIKE us on Facebook.
  • MEET us at our monthly meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the conference room of the SNBuilding at 1010 Main Street in Wayne. Check the City Calendar of Events for meeting changes. We do not hold meetings in June, August, or December.

Green Notes!

Green Notes are handy tips from the Wayne Green Team for how to incorporate Earth friendly actions in and outside your home. Check for our monthly update, which is also included in the City of Wayne’s Utility Newsletter. Any questions, just email us!