1985 Chevrolet Tanker

This 1985 Chevrolet carries 1,000 gallons of water and is also used for rural structure or grass fires. 

1976 GMC Tanker

Tanker Number 40 is built on a 1976 GMC chassis and carries 1,100 gallons of water. It is used primarily to transport water to rural structure fires and is also used to extinguish grass fires.


1999 Ford Equipment Truck
Our 1999 Ford equipment truck brings all of our extra firefighting equipment, auto-extrication equipment and lots of lights to the scene.

1987 Chevrolet Suburban

Our 1987 Chevrolet Suburban and carries firefighters and equipment.

1991 Ford Cargo Van
Our 1991 Ford cargo van carries firefighters and equipment.

1980 Chevrolet Mini Pumper
This 1980 Chevrolet mini-pumper serves as Wayne's First Response vehicle. It carries 210 gallons of water and two types of foam. It also carries the Jaws of Life and other auto-extrication equipment. It responds to automobile accidents and grass fires.

2001 Ford Excursion
The fire chief's 2001 Ford Excursion provides rapid response to the scene.


1936 Ford Pumper

This 1936 Ford pumper was one of Wayne's first fire trucks. It served the community from 1936 until the mid-1950s. Now restored, it represents the department at parades and fairs.

1986 GMC Pumper
Our 1986 GMC pumper serves the City of Wayne. It has a Waterous single-stage 1,000 gpm pump. It caries 1,000 gallons of water and all the equipment to initiate an attack on a City structure fire.

1992 Rural Pumper
The rural pumper is built on a 1992 International chassis with a Darley 1,000 gpm single-stage midship pump. In addition to its equipment, it also arrives at the fire with 1,000 gallons of water in its booster tank.

1976 Ford

Our aerial, or ladder truck, is a 1976 Ford and has a 1,000 gpm Waterous single-stage pump. The ladder can extend 80 feet to assist getting water, or firemen, in high, hard-to-reach places. It responds to all city structure fires.