Wayne residents can recycle typical household batteries thanks to a program funded by the Wayne Green Team through Battery Solutions.

Starting December 2017, you can bring your household batteries to the recycling pail at Wayne City Hall during normal business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Most household batteries can be recycled, but you must tape certain battery terminals to ensure safety (e.g. all lithium and lithium-ion with exposed terminals must have clear tape on the terminals). If not taped, the terminals, or exposed metal parts, of certain batteries can rub together creating a spark.

Review the Battery Recycling How-To Guide (PDF) for detailed instructions on the types of batteries recyclable and the types that require taped terminals for safety. Clear tape is available to use at the pail. If in doubt, always use clear tape. Corroded batteries must be placed in ziploc bags.

To learn more about how these batteries are recycled, visit Battery Recycling Information