Permission to Park

Do you have an overnight guest coming to visit with no off-street parking available or been displaced from your off street parking spot by someone else?

For those individuals who contact the Wayne Police Department and request permission to park, they will be considered for placement on a list that will allow parking in a "No Parking Midnight to 5:00AM" or "No Parking 3:00AM-5:30AM" for the evening. Vehicles must be called in prior to the beginning of the "No Parking" time on the respective signs. (No permission can be given for private property)

Please have the following information available when you call in: phone number, location where vehicle is parked, license plate number and state, vehicle description and reason for request.

Permission to park will not be valid if you do not supply the requested information. This service is available for City Streets and only three nights in a row, unless prior permission has been received for extenuating circumstances.

Contact Wayne Police Department at (402)375-2626 to request Permission to Park