Vacation House Check

Vacation House Check is a free service offered by the Wayne Police Department to City of Wayne residents.  Police officers will check participating residences several times a week, checking the status and security of the property.  If anything seems suspicious, the police officer will further investigate.  If necessary, the police officer or the communication center will contact the emergency contact listed on your vacation house check request form. This service helps provide peace of mind for those that need to be away from home for an extended period of time.

It is important to note that the Vacation House Check Program is not intended or designed, to replace home security systems or other security services.  Rather, it is a courtesy service designed to further protect your home and enhance the Police Department’s ability to rapidly respond to, and remedy, an emergency at the homes of our residents.

To arrange a vacation house check, please download and print the form below; complete it and drop it off at the Wayne Police Department.

Any question, please contact our office at (402)375-2626

Printable Vacation House Check Request Form